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Found 5 results

  1. Undoubtedly, IPS Community Suite security is one of the major concerns of almost every IPS Client on this planet. It's because there are so many hackers around us and therefore, ips developers have the fear of getting hacked anytime. To avoid the malicious attack on your IP.Board forum you have to think a step further because the security of your community is the most prioritized concern, which you cannot overlook anyhow. Don't get tensed, just be alert. It's because every problem has a solution and the below-mentioned tricks will help you out in this. Stay Updated One of the easiest ways to get protected from the malicious attack is by staying updated all the time. Invision Power Board, the world's most popular Forum update its software continuously, which create an extra layer of security around your community. Therefore, you should stay updated to provide complete security to your forum. Use Themes And Plugins From Trusted Source It's an undeniable truth that IP.Board offer you a plethora of free ipb themes and plugins which make the work of web development easier and increase the functionality of your community. However, before you choose any plugin or theme make sure it is from the trusted source otherwise, it may harm your security, which in result you lose your data. Use Strong Administrative Passwords Weak password is the major reason behind the success of hacker attacks. Therefore, one should always use strong administrative passwords, which are hard to break and even assume. Apart from that, you should always change the password of your ipb forum on a regular basis, so one cannot dare to break it. Use Security Center Every invision board version have a place where you can find security options prompted by the system, There you can rename the admin directory to make it hard to find. Or you can add a secondary admin password to make your ACP even more secure. This and other helpul functions you can use in ACP > System > Security Center Backup Your IP.Board Forum Regularly Security of your forum will never get hampered if you always make a backup plan. No matter, how much secure your community is, make sure you take its backup regularly, which helps to open the doors of improvement in any such situation. Remove Your IP.Board Version Number Don't you think, it is very easy for a thief to break the lock if he knows where the spare key is? As similar, if hackers know which version you are working on so it's much easier for them to break your security. Therefore, you should always remove the version number from your forum. In earlier versions of IP.Board you can hide number from the footer at ACP > System Settings > System > Security and Privacy. At the bottom of security and privacy page is located option called Display IP.Board version on your site, click on turn off and save. But in the latest version of IPS Community Suite the number is automatically hidden and you don't have to worry about it All above Tricks will ensure the security of your IPS Community Suite Forum. So, what are you waiting for? Your community security is at risk and takes necessary actions to secure them as soon as it is possible. Do you have any question or you know another way to secure IPS software? post it in this topic
  2. Murthy IPS Theme

    Complete integration between forum and Murthy Law Firm site based on WordPress. Theme offers a clean, responsive and flexible design. Theme is mobile friendly, providing optimal view on all devices. Technologies and addons used in the project: IPS Community Suite 4, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, jQuery, Custom Fonts, Font Awesome
  3. PokeStars IPS Theme

    Custom gaming theme designed and coded from scratch. Theme is for Pokemon Go community based on IP.Suite 4.1.x. Theme offers a modern, beautiful and flexible design. Theme is mobile friendly, providing optimal view on all devices. Technologies and addons used in the project: IPS Community Suite 4, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, jQuery, Custom Fonts, Font Awesome
  4. Elcardia

  5. WebTalk IPB Theme

    Complete convert psd into IPB. Main forum view has been slightly modified. For each category are assigned colors and icons by jquery functions. Most of the basic graphics icons from the default ips skin has been changed to Font Awesome. Theme is compatible with IP.Board 3.4.6. Technologies and addons used in the project: Invision Power Board 3.4.x, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4, jQuery, Custom Fonts, Google Fonts, Font Awesome