Refund Policy

All purchases at are covered by "7 Days Money Back Guarantee". Usage of Lukazuki products for 7 days, will assure of high quality products and incase you are not convinced, you can ask for refund, which would be duly processed back for you. Please read the guidelines governing the refund policy.

Refunds are made only in specific cases. Lukazuki provide screens and a full demo version for all premium products, the purchaser buys the product with full knowledge. Lukazuki will maintain a reasonable policy regarding requests for refunds. Lukazuki reserve the right to refuse a refund or to apply a partial refund. An administration charge may be applied where a refund is offered.

♨️ Lukazuki issue refund if

🔸 You encounter any issues with product that can not be resolved by Lukazuki after 7 days since your purchase. In order to resolve any issues with product, Lukazuki will need to ask for full access to your community and server, including FTP account, database account and Invision Community Admin account in order to troubleshoot them. If you are not able to provide those accounts in a timely manner Lukazuki will not be able to give you a refund.
🔸 Product doesn't include all features that are described in feature lists.

👑 Lukazuki do not issue refund under the following circumstances

🔸 Your server doesn't meet the technical requirements (for each product's requirements).
🔸 You made custom modifications to Lukazuki products thus make itn't working properly.
🔸 You had script conflicts with other 3rd party softwares that are used in your Invision Community site.
🔸 Refund is not applicable on renewals.
🔸 You may not refuse to cooperate with our technical support technicians in an attempt to undermine our capability to assist you with resolving any issues.

🍸 How Lukazuki issue refund

🔸 All requests for refund must be made via Tickets system within the refund period.
🔸 Refund are processed by the same payment processor that you used to purchase at It can takes up to 7 business days after the refund request are made.