End User License Agreement

This Lukazuki Service License Agreement (the "Agreement") becomes a binding contract between you (the purchaser, as "You" or "LICENSEE") and Lukazuki.com ("Lukazuki" or "Licensor") when you accept the Agreement by means for instance referring to the Agreement in a purchase order, purchase premium product or buying product via IPS Marketplace, ThemeForest etc. By accessing the product you are indicating that you agree to these terms. If you do not wish to be bound by the Agreement, you cannot access or use the product. Please read the terms carefully before purchasing the product. By purchasing, you (the purchaser) acknowledge that you have read this agreement, understand it and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

Intellectual Property Rights

🔸 You acknowledge that the service and the Lukazuki products are protected by the copyright and other intellectual property law, by the copyright and design laws of other nations, and by international treaties.
🔸 You agree to treat the service and Lukazuki products as you would any other copyrighted material.
🔸 You may not copy the products, except as expressly provided herein, or extract the products from the framework and you agree not to copy the design embodied within the Lukazuki products.

Domain Restrictions

Authorization from Lukazuki.com to use any product you have purchased is strictly limited to one instance of application (i.e. strictly one domain on one server) unless you have required Patreon group which allows you to assign and install product in multiple communities. Notes that Lukazuki framework doesn't accept domains declaration as localhost or server IP.

Product Activation

After you purchase the product, you need register the domain on which the product will be installed. Once the domain is assigned to your client account at Lukazuki.com, you will be able to use the product on your community.


🔸 You are authorized to make any necessary modification only via options from framework or product features.
🔸 You can't alter the products and framework code for your own use. However, you may not rent, sublicense, assign, lease, loan, resell for profit, distribute, publish or otherwise share the original products code or your modified products code (other than PHP files). And you may not change any part of license validate function on products without the explicit permission of Lukazuki.
🔸 Any modification of the product and framework code intended to circumvent the foregoing is prohibited and will result in revocation of the License.

Copyright Removal

You're not permitted to remove the copyright without having the Patreon privileges. Only clients with patron group have access to hide the Lukazuki signature. Copyright will be automatically removed from your community only when you have the right group for patrons, there isn't another options to remove the copyright line.

Unauthorized Use

You may not place any of Lukazuki products, modified or unmodified, on a diskette, CD, website or any other medium and offer them for redistribution or resale of any kind without prior written consent from Lukazuki.


You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership to any of Lukazuki products, modified or unmodified. All products are property of Lukazuki.

Payment Information

Unless otherwise specified, all fees are in usd and all charges will be made in usd. Any applicable sales or other taxes are additional to the stated fee. Currency exchange settlements and foreign transaction fees are based on your agreement with your payment method provider. You may provide to Lukazuki with payment information, including your name and billing address, in order to purchase any product as part of our services.

Products delivery

🔸 After successfully received your payment, your Lukazuki membership information will be emailed to the email address you provided during the payment process (Paypal email). This may take up to 1 hour but usually happens within minutes. If you do not receive an email after this time period, contact us through this website. Upon logging in with the provided credentials, Lukazuki customers will have instant access to all area of each Customer Area Options.
🔸 E-mail address must be valid as it will be used for communication purposes. It is strongly recommended to use the email address associated with your community.
🔸 Free emails can't be used for registration and checkout process.


Instant downloads are available! However, some client purchases can be pending for manual antifraud check up to review of Paypal. You will receive a detailed email about your payment. Antifraud check occurs due to the growing number of fraudulent transactions from persons who are not actual the cardholders of the credit cards used during purchase.


🔸 Premium products may need to be repurchased, at Lukazuki required Patreon group to get support and latest updates.
🔸 Remember you don't need to be in patrons, but you'll no longer have access to theme updates, bug fixes or support.
🔸 Custom projects are excluded from the renewal terms.


🔸 Lukazuki products are delivered with no implied meaning that they will function exactly as you wish or with all 3rd party extensions/products.
🔸 The products are compatible with the official Invision Community addons. List of compatible and non-supported 3rd party apps/addons are included in every posted product.
🔸 Further, Lukazuki doesn't offer support via email, skype, messenger or otherwise for installation, customization, administration of Invision Community etc.
🔸 Support for premium products are available at Official Support page. Custom orders have individual topic assigned only to the customer, any your support requests will be added in Client Area.


Since Lukazuki is offering digital goods, licensor doesn't issue refunds after the product is shipped, which you are responsible for understanding upon purchasing any product at Lukazuki. Please make sure that you've carefully read what files you will get when you are ordering a product.

Product updates

The product that you use may download and install updates, from time to time, from Lukazuki store, IPS Marketplace or ThemeForest. These updates are designed to improve, enhance and further develop the Services and may take the form of bug fixes, enhanced functions, new product modules and completely new versions. You agree to receive such updates as part of your use of the Services.

No Transfers

You may not rent, lease, sublicense, give, lend, or further distribute the Lukazuki products, or any copy thereof, except as expressly provided herein. Your rights under this Agreement may not be transferred to a third party and you agree not to grant any third party access to your Service user account and keep all login information to said account strictly confidential.

Legal Consequences

🔸 Lukazuki collects automatic logs from all products, they are displayed on Whois, with records of domains and provides information about the legality of the products.
🔸 Lukazuki will be contact with the owner and community to clarify the matter in the situation when algorithm detects violation of the license terms.
🔸 Proceedings will be initiated to the community after algorithm detects illegal use of the product and if no reply or correction is made by the owner where is installed illegal copy of the product.


Lukazuki products are provided without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. In no event shall our juridical person be liable for any damages including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages or other losses arising out of the use of or inability to use our products.